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“Kristen is a figure in the industry and, one of whom, influenced my interest and curiosity to learn about the cannabis plant on a deeper level. While there are many resources to read and study up on for knowledge, none offered the interactive element that one experiences when attending one of Kristen’s Soil to the Oil classes. Not only did she cover different effects and uses of individual terpenes, but also gave attendees the opportunity to better familiarize themselves through smelling and connecting to the senses. Terpenes and the science surrounding them can get really complicated and this experience allows those of varying levels of understanding to walk away having gained something valuable. And, in addition to the experience, you will enjoy Kristen’s genuine personality.”

Dajana Zeljkovic

“I've been working in cannabis for several years, but I learned so much fascinating new information at Kristen's Terpenes class! She gives you the real intel, free of all the marketing jargon, and her class is grounded in science but very accessible to non-science folks like myself. She's also an entertaining speaker with amazing anecdotes about the cannabis industry after 14 years of working in it. There's a lot of snake oil salesmen and BSers in this space, so we're fortunate to have Kristen out here providing real education, leadership and truth-telling”

Jennifer Boeder

“I've been following Kristen's posts and comments on LinkedIn for about a year and have always thought her insights were spot on. When I saw she was teaching a class on terpenes I signed up immediately and I'm so glad I did. Even though we're generations apart, I have a lot to learn from her as I am new to cannabis and she's done it all, and seen it all, apprentices to an expert on terpenes and is humble enough to admit that she is still learning every day. The class was packed and included people who have been in the business for a while but may have been unfamiliar with the terpene profiles, potential benefits, and how they fit into the whole picture. Kristen was thorough, professional, enlightening, and funny. Very enjoyable and educational and I highly recommend her class. I also plan to connect her to future clients who could benefit from her knowledge and experience”

Jeanne Ringe

“I have been to dozens of Cannabis events and have not met anyone like Kristen Yoder. She has impressed me many times with her wide-ranging knowledge of the industry and in-depth understanding of Cannabis. Kristen speaks from the heart with obvious passion and knowledge for Cannabis that resonates with audiences. I'm really glad she hosts a radio show, podcasts and science classes because her knowledge is invaluable and needs to be communicated to as many people as possible!”

Robert Palma

“I always knew that Kristen Yoder was uber experienced and definitely one of the smart kids on the playground. However, after attending her highly educational trichome viewing in Los Angeles in January 2018, I became convinced that she is a rare resource in the emerging cannabis industry. Kristen has been working in the legal L.A. cannabis market longer than anyone I know. She possesses a special blend of knowledge at various levels of the industry, including science and technology, branding, marketing, and serious issues of patient medical efficacy. Kristen delicately balances her keen marketing and technical insight with an ethical advocacy for patient rights and product purity. She is quick to call "bullshit" on any product, company, or regulation that claims to be high quality but delivers anything other. The rapidly emerging cannabis industry needs seasoned professionals like Kristen more than ever to survive the onslaught of extremely detailed regulatory oversight and hyper-competitive market segments. If I were launching a cannabis company anywhere in the United States, Kristen Yoder would be on my strategy team”

Curt Robbins

“Knowledge is power, and last night you empowered a roomful of us. You are humble, gracious, and charming, and I love how you've applied your experience in all aspects of the cannabis business to your presentation. So nice to finally meet you!”

Jeanne Ringe

“Your presentation was a perfect balance of information at just the right pace to understand and the hands-on learning was truly a bonus!"

Kelly Villasenor

“This was hella dope”

Mathew Joseph Pasqual

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